• Be a voice for people affected by hormonal diseases worldwide
• Strengthening Diabetes and Endocrinology care infrastructure
• Become a key driver in improving quality of life for people living with hormonal diseases
• Raise awareness of diabetes and endocrine diseases by being a powerful voice to improve research based education, access to quality care, quality of life.
• To help to end discrimination and stigma related to diabetes and other endocrine diseases
• Collaboration with international organisation working in the field of Endocrinology
• Committed to reducing the burden of diabetes and endocrinal diseases
• To make hormonal therapy affordable to all
• Prevention of obesity and diabetes
• Education and Training of health care workers in the field of Endocrinology
• Eatient education , Disease support groups
• Research in diabetes and Endocrinology
• High quality affordable diagnostic infrastructure
To create dedicated Endocrinology institutions across the country for delivering the highest quality care in the field of Diabetes and Endocrinology.

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